Omni-channel Middleware

Our KeyBuild middleware: manage the interaction between your new digital services and your information system.


KeyBuild is a software platform which enables you to plan and configure access to your information system’s processes and data for optimal implementation of buying journeys that integrate all channels (web, mobile, points of sale, drive-through...). 


KeyBuild creates the conditions essential to the success of omni-channel commerce projects:

  • Offering a unique, rich product catalogue
  • Providing an uninterrupted experience across all channels (persistent basket, cross-channel customer account...)
  • Attributing sales accurately to each point of sale and each channel
  • Managing a unified customer base (CRM, loyalty, promotions...)
  • Adapting to the specific characteristics and the context of each channel (ergonomics, features, usage scenarios...)


With a wide range of ready-to-use business processes, KeyBuild enables straightforward implementation of connected commerce solutions for customers and sales forces through a variety of modules or APIs :


Click & collect :
 Keywebstore (API)

Shopping Assistant :
Keyshopper (API)

Sales associate tablet :
Keyvendor (API)

Mobile Self-scanning :


Line extending :


Mobile Pos :




Modular architecture that integrates easily with your IS

KeyBuild’s modular architecture enables a variety of software components to be deployed independently of each other, as required. With this software layer, the product catalogue (from the IS or an existing CMS) can be unified, and contextualised information sent to the various front office interfaces.



Middleware for cross-channel data management

Designed around a Product Management System (PMS) and a unified customer data repository (CRM, loyalty, promotions), KeyBuild’s middleware centralises the data from your IS tools via data feed or web services: browsing nomenclature, product catalogue, pricing/stock, CRM, ERP, loyalty/promotions, checkout system, order management, payment solutions...

Keybuild is compatible with the various CMSs on the market.


 Front office interfaces on web, mobile, tablet, interactive terminal

The software layer forms the direct interface with the customer. It allows the browsing process and user experience to be tailored to each platform (dimensions, offline mode, ergonomics, fluidity...). Depending on the terminal, a number of technologies can be implemented: HTML5, native mobile languages (Objective-c, Java), Microsoft Surface. The look and ergonomics of the front offices are custom-designed for a perfect match with your corporate and graphic identity.

KeyBuild’s front office interfaces integrate all the structural features of the buying journey:

  • Browsing, catalogues and merchandising
  • Customer account
  • Ordering and payment


Administration back office

Your teams can use KeyBuild’s back office to manage business rules and to contextualise the data display as appropriate to each organisation, point of sale or stage in the customer journey.

  • Management of nomenclature, product catalogue and media (photos, videos)
  • Search engine settings and thesaurus
  • Management of graphic themes and cross-channel display
  • Management of points of sale
  • Management of user accounts
  • Management of multi-lingual and multi-currency aspects
  • Usage statistics
  • Monitoring hardware devices