Your whole catalogue in-store,               with no extra floor space

Web-in-store imports the power and wealth of the web to the store to provide customers and sales assistants with an extensive product catalogue, detailed descriptions or customer reviews within the point of sale. Using interfaces and features specifically designed for use in-store, customers can consult a rich, interactive catalogue and order products that are not in stock at the point of sale.

KeyExtenso is a software solution for web-in-store / product range extension in-store, available on interactive terminals or touch-screen tablets, which enables your customers and sales assistants to view and order any product in your catalogue.


This solution was designed to enable retailers and brands to display a more extensive product range, however large or small their sales area. KeyExtenso is particularly relevant for:

  • Enabling small and medium sales outlets to offer an extensive product range with few products actually displayed on their shelves.
  • Showing bulky products that cannot be displayed in-store: large household appliances, furniture, swimming pools...
  • Showing technical products or complex offers requiring detailed information to help decision-making.
  • Offering products that are temporarily out of stock, or unavailable in the requested size, colour etc.



KeyExtenso integrates and synchronises the data from the product repository via connectors with the main e-commerce CMSs on the market. Content can also be managed via the cross-channel commerce middleware KeyBuild to relieve pressure on your IS, to adapt to the context of a store, or for complete, unified integration with the whole information system: checkout, order management, CRM, ERP.

The software has an offline mode (cache management), which makes all content accessible even in the event of an internet outage (except for stock updates, which require a connection). The catalogue’s data is synchronised daily to ensure that content is always up-to-date.



A set of features to assist both choice and sales is natively integrated to help your customers and sales assistants find the ideal product. These features are modular; they can be deployed as required, according to your goals and needs.

A search engine with auto-completion, multi-criteria filters, a product comparison tool, detailed product descriptions (photos, videos, features, stock...), cross-selling and upselling, a scanner for 1D or 2D codes (EAN, QR), customer reviews, list of purchases...

KeyExtenso also has an ordering and payment module, which enables your clients to purchase products that are not available from the store’s own stock. This module can interface with an electronic payment terminal (EPT), integrate a web-based ordering process or initiate printing of a bar-coded ticket for payment at the checkout.




With this web-in-store ordering solution, each store’s prices and stock can be integrated, and the product range, promotions and screensaver for each store contextualised; the contextualisation can even take into account the solution’s location in the point of sale.

These options enable customers and sales assistants to be provided with relevant, individual and contextualised information appropriate to their location. The catalogue is still managed centrally, only the information specific to the store and the department/product family being contextualised.