Speed up the checkout process thanks to your customers' smartphones



KeyScanPay is a complete solution for self-scanning on iPhone or Android smartphone, to replace or supplement the store’s handheld barcode readers. By allowing customers to scan the items themselves with their smartphone cameras and to pay at a dedicated checkout, KeyScanPay can significantly reduce queues at the checkout and ease traffic in the store.


KeyScanPay consists of 3 main modules that can be deployed independently : 


KeyScanPay MOBILE, a native self-scanning application that is either dedicated or integrated in SDK mode

Completely customisable to your brand or chain’s colours, KeyScanPay Mobile is an iOS and Android compatible native application. It allows customers to scan barcodes and to transfer the shopping basket to the checkout counter for payment or to pay directly on their smartphones via an integrated payment solution. If you already have a self-scanning solution on handheld readers, KeyScanPay Mobile's applications will interface directly with your current system to consolidate your whole self-scanning solution.


 KeyScanPay SERVER, self-scanning middleware server

If you do not have a self-scanning server solution to which mobile applications can be connected, we can implement KeyScanPay Server, a modular middleware solution that manages all the business processes and content necessary for the proper functioning of your mobile self-scanning solution:

  • An integrated product catalogue, for display on the front-ends (EAN, description, pricing)
  • Multi-store management
  • Basket transfer to the checkout system once the transaction's final bar code has been scanned
  • Management of data flows (mobile-server-checkout)
  • Management of re-scanning via a specific module to manage the business rules governing customer basket verification (see "KeyScanPay Control")

This module is completely connected and interfaced with your information system:

  • Product catalogue data feed or web service
  • Product assortment, price and store promotions data feed or web service
  • Checkout system


KeyScanPay CONTROL, basket verification module

Self-scanning solutions require a means of verifying customers' baskets that is efficient and that can be configured at server level. KeyScanPay Control uses a combination of criteria to determine whether the basket should be verified by a member of staff. This module manages all the business rules and interfaces involved in customer basket verification operations. It handles the three possible outcomes:

  • No verification: the customer may leave the store with their items immediately after payment
  • Partial verification: the server determines the items that the staff member must find and re-scan in order to verify that no error has been made
  • Total verification: the whole customer basket is re-scanned by the staff member

This powerful, configurable re-scan module allows you to input the business rules that will determine the type of re-scan to be applied by a member of staff, and the products to be prioritised during verification. These rules can be used to set the verification criteria in fine detail, according to:

  • Customer score: frequency of visits to the store, results of previous verifications, or frequency of use of the service can be taken into account
  • The store: specific weighting can be applied to each point of sale
  • Day of purchase / day of the week: specific weighting can be applied to each day of the week
  • Product types: specific weighting can be applied according to the types of products in the customer's basket (expensive products, "higher risk" products...)

KeyScanPay Control also includes an interface for the staff member carrying out the re-scan. This interface is designed to function in a Windows environment, so it can be deployed on multiple terminals: rugged PDA, handheld mobile terminal, PC with scanner, smartphone, Windows phone...





Smartphone application. 

  • Multi-store self-scan servers (product/price catalog, shopping cart)
  • Control interface
  • BO and multi-store offer engine
  • Client and product identification
  • Multi-modal payment



Smartphone application. 

  • Dedicated mobile self-scan server (customers, products/prices, client scoring engine)
  • No existing barcode scanner
  • iPhone and Android dedicated self-scan apps
  • Rescan solution (complete or partial)
  • Communication support and promotion of the device



Application smartphone. 

  • iPhone and Android self- scan apps
  • QR code scan at the checkout 
  • Transfer of the basket to the checkout counter for payment
  • Basket verification and re-scan algorithm
  • Shared self-scan server Smartphone app and Motorola handhelds



Scan Express solution integrated in the "My casino" app.

  • Self-scan server (customers, prices, photos, promotion engine, rescan rules)
  • Features built into the mobile casino application in API mode
  • Rescan solution (complete or partial)
  • Communication support and promotion of the device